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Reporting Units

ASSAULT CRAFT UNIT TWO LOGO - click here to visit their website
  • Assault Craft Unit (ACU) Two - ACU Two provides trained personnel and combat-ready landing craft units (LCU) to operational commanders in support of expeditionary operations and training. LCUs have crew accommodations allowing crews to live on the craft during independent operations for up to 10 days.
ASSAULT CRAFT UNIT FOUR LOGO - click here to visit their website
  • Assault Craft Unit Four  - ACU Four is the parent unit for landing craft air cushions (LCACs), which provide fast, over-the-horizon movement from ship-to-shore of combat troops and equipment through the surf zone and across the beach. ACU Four has the same responsibilities for the LCACs that ACU Two has for LCUs. However, unlike the LCUs, LCACs have no indigenous crew accommodations. With the Passenger Transportation Module (PTM), LCACs can carry up to 150 Marines at speeds of up to 30 knots. LCACs are deployable from landing helicopter assault (LHA) ships, landing helicopter dock (LHD) ships, and dock landing (LSD) ships.
BEACH MASTER UNIT TWO LOGO - click here to visit their website
  • Beach Master Unit (BMU) Two - BMU Two functions as the beach traffic controller. BMU Two provides craft landing zone beach party teams in support of ship-to-shore movement to facilitate landing of personnel & equipment. They also provide a salvage capability with their Light Amphibious Recovery Craft (LARC).
AMPHIBIOUS CONSTRUCTION BATTALION TWO LOGO - click here to visit their website
  • Amphibious Construction Battalion (PHIBCB)  Two - PHIBCB Two provides ship-to-shore movement of maritime pre-position equipment ashore. They provide camp support and installation and operation of the bulk fuel/bulk water systems, along with additional salvage capabilities. The PHIB SEABEES play a major role in MPF operations.