Welcome Aboard

Welcome aboard the Navy’s premier TICONDEROGA class guided missile Cruiser, USS VICKSBURG (CG 69)! You will soon be a crewmember on a historic warship, and we’re proud to welcome you. You should receive a “Welcome Aboard” message with lots of valuable information about the ship and the Mayport area. As you prepare to transfer, your department on board “VIK” will assign you a sponsor, a fellow VICKSBURG Sailor who will help answer your questions and work to make your transition as smooth as possible. You are invited to email the ship on your own to make first contact and start the sponsor process even earlier. Click here to contact the ship for a sponsor who will make your PCS a smooth and agreeable one. Again, welcome aboard, shipmate! We look forward to serving with you and making your tour on board “VIK” a success!


If you check in when VICKSBURG is pierside at Naval Station Mayport, the Officer of the Deck will contact your department, and your sponsor will then familiarize you with the new surroundings. An integral part of your early time on board will be our indoctrination course and Damage Control University, designed to acquaint you with the ship's mission, chain-of-command, and daily routine, and qualify you in basic damage control.

If you arrive when the ship is underway, you are directed to proceed to the Transient Personnel Detachment Mayport located in BLDG 1394, (904) 270-7732, or the Naval Station Mayport Quarterdeck after hours, (904)-270-5401. Depending on VICKSBURG's schedule, you will either remain on shore until we return or be flown out to join the ship at sea.

If you are flying via Jacksonville International Airport, call the Naval Station Mayport Quarterdeck, (904)-270-5401, and the duty driver will take you to the Welcome Center onboard NS Mayport.

If you take a taxi it will cost approx $65.00. Ensure you get a receipt for reimbursement in your travel claim.

If you are driving, follow Mayport RD through the gate and take a right at the first light (Moale ST). The Welcome Center is located on the left (bldg 289). They will assist you with BEQ arrangements and any other assistance needed.

Relocation Assistance

Navy One Source is a new, 24-hour a day, 365 day a year information and referral program the military community can use to gain information on almost any topic, from child care to schools to relocation and much more. Navy One Source can be accessed online or by phone. In the US, call 1-800-540-4123. Outside of the continental US, call 1-800-5404-1233 and international collect using 484-530-5914.

If you are an experienced mover, check out SMARTWebMove (SWM), an interactive web site at this link. Currently, personally procured transportation (old DITY) are not SWM eligible. Otherwise, personnel can schedule an appointment to attend a group session at the personal property office. If you need further information or directions to the personal property building, call toll free 1-(800)-762-4221 or commercial 1-(904)-542-1000 or email them here.

The Fleet and Family Service Center (FFSC) offer a Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) which provides the following services for military personnel and their families:

Welcome to Mayport Program: Acquaints families with the Navy lifestyle, benefits, and other available services. Topics include: spouse employment, medical care, housing referral, financial planning, legal assistance, base police, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, and the Ombudsman Program.

Hospitality Items: Card tables, high chairs, kitchenware and utensils, playpens, weekender beds, linens, and other items are available for temporary use until your household shipment arrives; Child safety seats are available at no cost.

FFSC Mayport can be contact at (904)-270-6600.

Housing Information

Navy housing for married personnel in the Mayport area consists of several enlisted units and several hundred officer units. Government housing at Mayport is limited. There are a total of 1,281 housing units: 681 on-base and 700 off-base. Of the 681 units on-base, 53 are designated as senior officer housing and 100 units as junior officer/senior enlisted housing. All other housing, both on and off base, is designated for enlisted personnel.

There are waiting lists for all quarters. You should apply for housing as soon as you receive PCS orders. To apply for government housing, forward one copy of your PCS orders, NAVPERS Form 1070/2 (Dependency Application/Record of Emergency Data) and DD Form 1746 (Application for Military Family Housing) to the Housing Office, Building 289, Naval Station, Mayport, FL 32228. If you need any assistance, call 270-5730 or DSN 960- 5730 or visit

Other useful contact information:

  • VICKSBURG Quarterdeck: 904-270-7920
  • VICKSBURG Admin: 904-270-7927
  • VICKSBURG Command Master Chief: 904-270-7933
  • VICKSBURG Executive Officer: 904-270-7936
  • VICKSBURG Careline: 1-800-421-1727



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