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The Crest
The Crest


  • Blue and Gold represents the sea and the spirit onboard a warship
  • Red and White symbolize the sacrifice of those who fell at Anzio.
  • The Chevron thrusting through the enemy line recalls the assault.
  • The rose, maple leaf and eagle honor the forces of Great Britain, Canada and the United States.
  • Embattlements are symbolic of entrenched lines and the campaign where allied troops refused conquer, despite the enemy's numerical superiority.
  • The crossed edge sailor's cutlass and officer's sword represent combat readiness and shipboard teamwork.
  • The gold star commemorates the WW II escort carrier (CVE 57) Anzio's Navy Unit Commendation and the nine stars commemorate's her battles.


  • The anchor portrays strength.
  • The blue ribbon acknowledges the 22 Medals of Honor won at Anzio.
  • The words Honor, Integrity, Heart combine the essence of what is expected of every crew member in Anzio.
  • The Aegis radar's octagonal shape characterizes Anzio's potent weaponry and her unmatched fighting technology.
  • Wings of an eagle recall the first Anzio (CVE 57) and represent the attributes of America's national emblem: Vigilance, preparedness, and courage.


  • The rifles reflect hand to hand fighting at Anzio and symbolizes the willingness of cruiser Anzio to close the enemy.


  • "Stand and Fight," the order by Lt. General Mark Clark to the allies, May 1944.