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Welcome Aboard

Welcome aboard the best ship in the world’s greatest Navy -- USS GETTYSBURG (CG 64) -- based at Naval Station Mayport in Jacksonville, Florida!

If you are a top-notch performer looking to accelerate your career and your life, you have found the right ship! If you just received orders to GETTYSBURG, it’s time to celebrate the excitement that awaits for you and your family.

In GETTYSBURG, we pride ourselves in setting the example for “how to do it right.”

As a national asset, GETTYSBURG has the most sophisticated combat system and advanced engineering plant in the world today – but it’s our people that set us apart.

In GETTYSBURG, you will join a top-notch wardroom lead by talented officers from every commissioning source in our Navy; the Chief Petty Officer’s Mess is second to none and their 500-plus years of experience ensures we are ready to meet any tasking for our Navy and our Nation.

Our Bluejackets are the heart and soul of this ship – and our most prized asset. This crew of high achievers is mission-ready; focused; driven; confident – and oriented to succeed.

Welcome to this extraordinary team and I look forward to serving with you during an important period in our country’s history! Details supporting your smooth transition to GETTYSBURG are found below.

CONGRATULATIONS! I am excited for our future together and look forward to meeting you and your family!

Commanding Officer

You will receive a Welcome Aboard message with the name of your GETTYSBURG sponsor sent to your current command shortly after we receive your official orders. We encourage you to get an early start on your transfer to GETTYSBURG, so please email our sponsor coordinator at or so that we can get you connected with your sponsor and divisional leadership. You can also reach us on Facebook at USS GETTYSBURG (CG 64) ( or USS GETTYSBURG Ombudsman and Family Readiness Group page ( The ship's mailing address is:

FPO AA 34091-1184

Your port call message may direct you to report to Naval Station Mayport for further transfer to GETTYSBURG. If flying into Jacksonville International Airport, notify your sponsor and call the ships quarterdeck ahead of time and the duty driver will pick you up. In the event GETTYSBURG is underway, take a taxi to Naval Station Mayport Quarterdeck (Bldg 1), you will be reimbursed on your Travel Claim after you report aboard. REMEMBER!! Keep all of your lodging and travel receipts you collect during your transfer to GETTYSBURG. Once on the Naval Station look for the signs to the Naval Station Quarterdeck. There you will be directed to the ship or to the Transient Personnel Unit for check-in. To assist you in your transfer to GETTYSBURG, we are providing the following information:

USS GETTYSBURG Quarterdeck: (904) 270-7900
USS GETTYSBURG Ombudsman: (904) 677-6188

For more information on Naval Station Mayport and the surrounding Jacksonville area go to:

Once Again, Welcome Aboard! I look forward to your arrival.