LogoBeachmaster Unit Two is assigned the mission of providing tactical components in support of Amphibious Operations. BMU-TWO provides Naval Beach Party Teams (BPTs) for deployment in conjunction with Expeditionary Forces in order to provide beach and surf zone salvage and to facilitate the landing and movement over the beach of troops, equipment, supplies, and the evacuation of casualties, prisoners-of-war, and non-combatants.

A Beach Party Team consists of Traffic Control and Salvage, and Communications. The Traffic Control Section, provided by Beachmaster Unit TWO, is tasked with controlling the boat traffic in the surf zone, controlling the beaching and retracting the landing craft, and directing the smooth and efficient flow of personnel and material over the beach.

The Communications Section establishes visual and radio communications with the Primary Control Ship and enters prescribed radio nets. BPT's typically deploy with the following vehicles: one Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR); two 1½-ton HMMWVs (one camp-support and one communication-support); and two LARC Vs.