Ballston Spa
(from left): Capt. David Fowler, Commanding Officer, PO2 (EMN) Whitney Bullock, PO2 (EMN) Stefani Piacquadio, and PO3 (EMN) Hunter McKinney. Not pictured: PO3 (ETN) Evelyn Auditor and PO3 (ETN) Tara Bone
“I became interested largely due to the unparalleled sense of pride that radiates from every Submariner I have met. The sense of camaraderie between Submariners is not what I observe from those not in the community that I really want to be a part of.”

EMN Whitney Bullock,
Beaumont, Tex.

“Becoming one of the first female reactor operators on a submarine is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Sure, there will be many more strong, intelligent women to follow, but this is the pinnacle point in which we get to make history. ”

ETN3 Jazzmine Carroll
Pine Grove, Ill.


(from left): Capt. David Lott, Commanding Officer, PO2 (MMN-ELT) Shelbie Gorton, PO3 (EMN) Valerie Redmon, PO3 (MMN) Jessica Jadallah, PO3 (ETN) Amber Culver, PO3 (ETN) Jazzmine Carroll, PO3 (MMN-ELT) Haley Rose, PO2 (MMN) Britany Strohl and MCPO(SS) Eric Riddle