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The Official Magazine of the U.S. Submarine Force
Vice Adm. Joseph E. Tofalo
Commander, Submarine Forces
Commander, Submarine Force, Atlantic

Rear Adm. Frederick J. Roegge
Deputy Commander, Submarine Forces
Commander, Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet

Rear Adm. William R. Merz
Director, Undersea Warfare Division (N97)

Master Chief Petty Officer Stephen Capps
COMSUBLANT Force Master Chief

Master Chief Petty Officer Paul J. Davenport
 COMSUBPAC Force Master Chief

Lt. Cmdr. Tommy Crosby

COMSUBLANT Public Affairs Officer

Cmdr. Corey Barker
COMSUBPAC Public Affairs Officer

Lt. Cmdr. Michael J. Huber
Military Editor

Rick Johnston, WBB, Inc.
Senior Editor

Thomas Lee, WBB, Inc.
Managing Editor

Rick Johnston, WBB, Inc.
Design & Layout

Rick Johnston, WBB, Inc.

Website Design

UNDERSEA WARFARE is the professional magazine of the undersea warfare community. Its purpose is to educate its readers on undersea warfare missions and programs, with a particular focus on U.S. submarines. This journal will also draw upon the Submarine Force’s rich historical legacy to instill a sense of pride and professionalism among community members and to enhance reader awareness of the increasing relevance of undersea warfare for our nation’s defense.

The opinions and assertions herein are the personal views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official views of the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense, or the Department of the Navy.

Contributions and Feedback Welcome
Send articles, photographs (min 300 dpi electronic), and feedback to:

Military Editor Undersea Warfare CNO N97
2000 Navy Pentagon
Washington, DC 20350-2000
Phone: (703) 614-9372 Fax: (703) 695-9247

Subscriptions for sale by the Superintendent of Documents,
P.O. Box 97950, St. Louis, MO 63197
or call (866) 512-1800 or fax (202) 512-2104
Annual cost: $28 U.S.; $39.20 Foreign



UNDERSEA WARFARE (ISSN 1554-0146) is published quarterly from appropriated funds by authority of the Chief of Naval Operations in accordance with NPPR P-35. The Secretary of the Navy has determined that this publication is necessary in the transaction of business required by law of the Department of the Navy. Use of funds for printing this publication has been approved by the Navy Publications and Printing Policy Committee. Reproductions are encouraged with proper attribution. Controlled circulation.


In keeping with UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine's charter as the Official Magazine of the U.S. Submarine Force, we welcome letters to the editor, questions relating to articles that have appeared in previous issues, and insights and "lessons learned" from the fleet.

UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine reserves the right to edit submissions for length, clarity, and accuracy. All submissions become the property of UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine and may be published in all media.

Please include pertinent contact information with submissions.

Send submissions to:
Military Editor
Undersea Warfare CNO N97
2000 Navy Pentagon
Washington, D.C. 20350-2000 or

Correction: The Winter 2016 edition of Undersea Warfare Magazine featured an article titled “The History of America’s Undersea Strategic Deterrence: From V1 to D5.” Regrettably the article contained some factual inaccuracies, namely surrounding details about early missile launching capable U.S. submarines. The article incorrectly states that USS Halibut (SSGN 587) had two missile hangers similar to USS Growler (SSG 574) and USS Grayback (SSG 577). USS Halibut (SSGN 587) had a single missile hatch for launching missiles.

In the same issue, The Nuclear Power Training Unit article incorrectly stated that ex-USS
Sam Rayburn (SSBN 626) began service as an MTS in 1986, the date she actually began service as an MTS was in 1989.
We regret the errors occurred and will endeavor to ensure future articles are factually accurate.


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