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Submarine Leadership

Issue Number 49, Winter 2013












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Q&A with Rear Adm. Klunder
by Peter Vietti

Tactical Advancements
for the Next Generation

by Josh Smith, JHU/APL

Modernization Training: Helping Bring Tomorrow to the Submarine Force Today
by Randy Craig, Director of Modernization Training, SLC

Google Earth Team Develops Navigation Tools—Adding Depth and Dimension to Operational Awareness
by Quentin Finney, Navy/Marine Corps Sales Manager, Google

German Submarine Deploys to U.S. for WESTLANT 2013
by Cmdr. (sg) Sascha H. Rackwitz

Dive-by-Wire Control on U212A-class Submarines
by Cmdr. (jg) Rico Jarschke and Lt. Cmdr. Roman Schwab

The War Below
by James Scott

Operation Storm
by John J. Geoghegan