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Submarine Leadership

Issue Number 49, Winter 2013












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Working with Our Asia Pacific
Submarine Partners

by Rear Adm. Phillip G. Sawyer, Cmdr. Submarine Group 7, Cmdr. Task Force 54/74

The Australia Submarine Force
by Commodore Gregory J. Mammut, CSC, RAN,
Director General Submarine Capability

The History of the
Indonesian Submarine Squadron

by Rear Adm. Agung Pramono, S.H., M. Hum, Indonesian Navy

Dongame: Japan's Submarine History
and Challenges

by Vice Adm. Kazuki Yano, JMSDF
Commander, Fleet Submarine Force

Republic of Korea Navy Submarine Force:
Another Story of the Korean Miracle

by Rear Adm. Youn Jeong Sang, ROKN
Commander, Submarine Flotilla 9

Definite and Serious—The RSN's Commitment to Submarine Rescue
by Col. Ngong Boon Kheng, RSN
Commanding Officer, 171 Squadron

Submarine Tenders Continue to Support
Critical Operations in the Pacific Flleet

by MC2(SW) Corey Hensley

USS Newport News: Assessing Fire
Response in Industrial Environments

by Lt. j.g. David Guthmann and crew of SSN 750