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Greetings from Norfolk! There has been a lot of activity since our last edition of UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine, and I am pleased to be starting this edition with my first Force Commander’s Corner.

Kate and I are honored to have been given this responsibility, and we look forward to the challenges and rewards of serving as your Force Commander. As we wrap up the holiday season, I would ask that you take time to reflect on the remarkable and unique business we are in as undersea warriors. 2012 was another great year, again hallmarked by our ability to consistently provide Combatant Commanders with expertly manned submarines ready for action around the world. Every day you each serve as an integral, irreplaceable part of a complex weapon system that is a pillar of our security–accordingly, I will continue to expect much from you in terms of hard work and high standards.

As the vehicle for delivering our guidance to the fleet, Rear Adm. Caldwell, Rear Adm. Bruner, and I recently signed the new Design for Undersea Warfare–Update One and presented it to the Major and Group Commanders. It is now at the printers and will be distributed to the fleet shortly. In response to your feedback, this update builds upon the original DUSW, but now provides a sharper focus for our commanders. The central theme of Update One is the building and sustaining of high performance teams of elite individuals who are proud of their submarine heritage–warriors who know their job, who know how their job supports the team, and who naturally back each other up. Integral to this theme is our fundamental reliance on each other–our direct and unique connection between submarine crews, wide-area surveillance operators, maintenance organizations, tenders, trainers, families, and all who contribute daily to each of our successes. This is our “Foundation of Strength” and is what separates us from all other warfare communities.

In support of you, my role is to support our commanders, keep the Force properly resourced, ensure policies are in place to protect your career and family, and work with our fellow Joint and Naval Warriors to maximize our contribution to the Nation. Your role is to be the best, most effective, and most lethal undersea warrior in the world.

Based on your collective achievements, we continue to enjoy tremendous credibility with our Nation’s leadership. As we move ahead, I thank ALL of you for your contributions to the greatest warfighting team under the sea. We are on a good course and as your Force Commander I intend to keep us there.

Happy New Year!

Vice Adm. Connor Signature

M J Connor