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The Trident Refit Facility in Kings Bay, Ga., uses NOFFS on a weekly basis, according to Chief Machinist’s Mate Orlando Thomas, a Command Fitness Leader. “I have seen more command participation and fewer injuries since incorporating NOFFS into our PT. My Sailors think NOFFS is phenomenal,” he said. Jennifer Person-Whippo, U.S. Naval Supply Systems Command’s nutrition program manager said, “The Fueling Series gives Sailors practical tools on nutritional fundamentals, meal planning, portion awareness, and energy management. NOFFS is all inclusive – teaching portion sizes, providing food lists of green, yellow, and red items, and female and male meal builders. These resources are critical in the success of fueling for performance and health of a Sailor.”

Master Chief Culinary Specialist Chris Nailon, Commander, Submarine Force staff culinary specialist, has seen results with NOFFS. “I not only promote the program with our Sailors, I’ve benefited from it personally. Specifically, I was able to shed about 25 pounds and reduce my 5K finishing times by about 10 minutes. I’ve just completed my fifth half-marathon,” he said. “The program has completely changed my life with regard to living a healthy lifestyle. Creating a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean drastic changes. In fact, I think drastic changes almost always lead to failure. With making small changes in how one lives each day, it can lead to big rewards. Living a healthy lifestyle can do more than prevent disease. I really believe it can also help you have more energy and stamina, stay slim, be more alert, fight stress, and ultimately live a longer life.”

NOFFS supports the 21st Century Sailor and Marine initiative designed to maximize individual Sailors’ and Marines’ readiness, resiliency and combat effectiveness. “I think that with the increased focus on a ‘culture of fitness,’ NOFFS gives Sailors the tools and knowledge to make physical training a part of their lifestyle,” said Senior Chief Sonar Technician (Submarines) Erik Gemaly, assigned to Naval Submarine School.

NMCPHC Commanding Officer Capt. Michael Macinski said, “NOFFS is the next significant step in promoting a Navy culture of fitness. NOFFS represents this training system as a professional medium to take care of the Navy’s greatest asset: its people.”

A NOFFS application is available for iPhone and is under development for iPad. As of December 2012, the application had been downloaded over 17,000 times and had an average user rating of 4/5 stars.

For further information on NOFFS, download the NOFFS application or visit the NOFFS website at:

For addition information on active living, nutrition, and injury prevention programming visit the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center (NMCPHC) Health Promotion and Wellness Website:

Commands and Organizations Across the Navy Participating in NOFFS Implementation:

Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) Fitness, Sports, and Deployed Forces Support CNIC

  • Website provides the NOFFS program to Sailors at Sailors can download illustrated exercise cards and view video demonstrations of each exercise to ensure correct technique. Through the “virtual trainer” on the Navy Fitness website, Sailors can “eliminate the guesswork” with their workouts.

  • CNIC NOFFS Training Courses are available at installations Navy-wide. The four- to six-hour training course is available to CFLs and health/fitness professionals. Registration is available through the MWR fitness program. To locate a NOFFS instructor, or to inquire about an upcoming NOFFS course, visit:

  • CNIC Fitness, Sports, and Deployed Forces Support is leading fleet execution and has distributed NOFFS kits to both fleet units and MWR gym facilities. “Sailors have access to NOFFS anywhere in the world,” said Lisa Sexauer, director, CNIC Fitness, Sports, and Deployed Forces Support. Fit kits, one of the primary training tools used in the NOFFS program, have been released to operational platforms via Deployed Forces Support offices. Fit Kits and group training bags are available for check out at any Navy Fitness facility.

Command Leadership School (CLS) in Newport, R.I., began instructing prospective commanding officers and executive officers on NOFFS in June 2010. All incoming leaders attending the Prospective Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, or Command Master Chief/Chief of the Boat courses perform the NOFFS Submarine Series Level 1 as part of their physical training.

The Command Fitness Leader (CFL) curriculum for 2012 provides NOFFS training during a full-week standardized course. CFLs learn about NOFFS and participate in a complete NOFFS training session. There are more than 5,000 command fitness leaders and assistant command fitness leaders throughout the Navy.

Naval Supply Systems Command continually provides NOFFS training to the fleet. NAVSUP uses NOFFS Fueling as its primary resource for nutritional instruction. “The NOFFS program has proven to be a great healthy living asset for submarine Sailors. This program blends together the complexity of developing a workable exercise routine while offering some simple, easy-to-follow nutritional guidelines,” said Nailon. “And the addition of a NOFFS smart phone app was certainly a nice touch to market the program to our tech-savvy Sailors. Good health only comes when you are eating right, dieting, and exercising the right ways.”

Naval Submarine School, Submarine Base (SUBASE) New London, Conn., now offers a NOFFS indoctrination program. “We are meeting bi-weekly with Basic Enlisted Submarine School (BESS) students and have helped 1,032 already,” said Lindsey Wolfram, SUBASE New London’s former assistant athletic director. The New London Fitness Program has trained more than 84 CFLs in NOFFS instruction since 2011. NOFFS instructor courses continue to be offered the third Tuesday of every month. “The goal is to expose every SUBSCOL student to NOFFS methodology before branching out into their individual commands,” said Kevin Boedigheimer, SUBASE New London’s athletic director. The Submarine Electronic Computer Field (SECF), a branch of SUBSCOL, also has reoccurring NOFFS gym sessions. “In the past six weeks, we have worked with 1,179 SECF students, and 12 of their instructors have gone through the NOFFS CFL/instructor course,” said Penelope Donahue, NOFFS Certified Fitness Instructor at SUBASE New London.

Navy Recruiting Command (NRC) support is led and positively influenced by Rear Adm. Earl Gay, Commander of NRC; Force Master Chief Earl Gray; and Navy Counselor Master Chief Jimmie Holt, national chief recruiter, Navy Recruiting Region and District leadership teams, and the Recruiting School (NORU). NRC, through NORU, has implemented weekly NOFFS physical training for all students and staff members since April of 2011. NORU’s Fitness Enhancement Program (FEP)/Enhanced PT trains those assigned and volunteers twice per week in NOFFS (averaging 25 students/staff members per session). Total student throughput at NORU is more than 1,300 yearly. In FY 2012, more than 400 command members distributed throughout 26 Navy Recruiting Districts received NOFFS training by CNIC fitness instructors. “The NOFFS system, and the resources available on, is an outstanding physical fitness training system for Navy Recruiting and its distributed/national force,” said Victor Licause, retired Master Chief Special Warfare Operator, who is currently Navy Recruiting Command’s Physical Fitness program manager.

Navy Health Promotion Training is a primary component of the Navy’s newly launched health promotion and wellness campaign, which is directly aligned with the National Prevention Strategy Strategic Plan. The active living, injury/violence prevention, and nutrition programs emphasize the NOFFS system. Webinars promoting the NOFFS system are also delivered by the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center (NMCPHC), the organization responsible for leading the Navy’s health and wellness campaign.

Recruit Training Command (RTC) Great Lakes has incorporated NOFFS exercises into their new PT instruction, and the RDC C School uses NOFFS during their weekly physical training sessions with the incoming “blue ropes.”

Diana Strock, MAT, ATC, is the Senior Advisor for Human Performance & Public Health at the Center for Personal and Professional Development in Virginia Beach, Va., and Program Manager for Physical Fitness & Injury Prevention at the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center in Portsmouth, Va.

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