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to the editor

Everyone appreciates fan mail, and UNDERSEA WARFARE is no exception. Marilyn D'Alessio, the mother of a competitor in the International Submarine Races (ISR)
at Carderock, sent us the following plaudits after reading Olivia Logan's piece on
the ISR in the fall issue:

" What a wonderful surprise … to see all the memories from the ISR 2011!

" … reading your article made me feel that I was right back there
watching all those kids who worked so hard trying to get to the finish
line. I know Umptysquatch V never made it to the finish, but knowing
our kids made it worthwhile just to see them compete and have the
opportunity of a lifetime. … I was so thrilled just being there, getting
an education from the sidelines in submarine competition and sitting
at a facility that was so impressive — and the people so genuine; I never
felt like just a 'visitor.'

" Mikey [D'Alessio's son] was so thrilled to see the magazine he took it back to college with him this weekend…. [His friends] were all impressed with the magazine, and so was I. It's so beautiful, and I love the gloss to the paper, which makes the pictures pop and the articles easier to read."

We thank Mrs. D'Alessio for her kind words.


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