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Letters to the Editor

From the Editor

Did you know the Submarine Force has an official blog? In the following excerpt from the first entry, "Pride Runs Deep," Vice Adm. Richardson lays out his vision for the blog:

"Welcome to the U.S. Submarine Force's new command blog! This is something I've been thinking about since my first day in command. I'm entering the "blogosphere" because I see it as a meaningful way to have a conversation amongst all of us who care about making the Submarine Force better. It's a super way for leaders to discuss topics that we feel are important. It's also a way for leadership—me—to understand what's important to you. But it will only be effective as long as we are both committed. I intend to be active. I'll ask others to participate by contributing. This is a forum for all of us Submariners and I look forward to the voyage."

I have personally seen that Vice Adm. Richardson takes readers' comments into consideration and, when possible, will respond in his next post. Take a moment to check out the blog at http://comsubfor-usn.blogspot.com, and become part of the conversation.

Lt. Cmdr. John Gonser
Military Editor,

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