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In the Footsteps of Verrazano
Visiting the U.S. Coast in ITS Scirè
by Lt. Sebastiano Rossitto, Italian Navy

Submarine Rescue Spans the Globe
by Capt. David M. Osen

Joining Britain's Royal Navy
via the Personnel Exchange Program

by Lt. Cmdr. Nick Kristof

Continuing Our Partnership with
the Royal Australian Navy

Team Submarine Public Affairs

Christening a Submarine for the Golden State
by Olivia Logan

Salvaging a Submarine from 16,500 Feet
by Norman Polmar and Michael White

Taking the Measure of the Battlespace
Satellite Altimetry's Vital Role in Undersea Warfare
by Ed Gough

Doing Their Bit
British Submarines in the War Against Japan
by Cmdr. Jeff Tall, RN (ret.)