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As a reader of UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine for almost 12 years, I have enjoyed the remarkable articles, both contemporary and historical, concerning the United States Submarine Force.

As a keen student of naval history, I would like to suggest, if possible, including a regular book review section in the Magazine. If memory serves rightly, I have only seen two book reviews that were published, specifically, the review of Douglas Waller’s The Big Red by Lt. Cmdr. Jim Doody, in the winter 2001 issue, and the condensed version of the book Full Fathom Five, by Mary Lee Coe Fowler, in the spring 2010 edition.

I believe in the vital importance of book reviews for their impact on our professional development and as an inspiration for preserving naval history, with emphasis on submarine warfare and submarine heroes.

I hope the possibility of a regular book review section could be looked into, and I would
be delighted to submit reviews for a future issue of the Magazine.

Cmdr. Mark R. Condeno
Liaison Officer, Foreign Armed Forces Attaché Corps
Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary

Cmdr. Condeno,

Many thanks for your suggestion and your interest in UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine.

We certainly agree about the importance of professional reading, particularly naval history, for developing well-rounded naval officers and senior enlisted personnel. We have considered publishing book reviews in the past but have not done so for several reasons, among them limited space, the difficulty of selecting only four books each year among hundreds of worthy candidates, and concern about seeming to endorse any commercial product. Our recent article based on the book Full Fathom Five was, as you noted, not actually a review, but rather a set of highly condensed excerpts.

We are always happy to get suggestions from our readers about how to improve the Magazine. We brought your suggestion to the attention the Submarine Warfare Division in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV N87), which governs UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine’s content. However, for the reasons stated above, N87 deemed it inadvisable for the Magazine to begin publishing book reviews at this time.