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Yard Work
Moving Giant Hull Sections

The Four-Module Build Plan
The Second Decade of Virginia-Class Construction Gets Better

by John D. Holmander and Thomas Plante

Double Vision
Planning to Increase Virginia Class Production

by Jim Roberts

The Critical Second Tier: Submarine Vendors
Seemann Composites, Inc.: Building Large Composite Structures on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast

by David Tortorano

Target Rock: How A Vendor Helps Keep the Virginia Class Affordable

by Daniel Wynn

Two Commissionings Make 2010 A Banner Year
by Submarine Group TWO Public Affairs, Team Submarine Public Affairs and Olivia Logan
Defendemos Nuestra Terra:
USS New Mexico Comes To Life

The Next Mighty Mo Joins The Fleet

Peanut Butter Pizza And Five-Star Service
USS Providence Award-Winning Culinary Team

by Olivia Logan

An Up-Close Look At The Submarine Escape Trainer
by William Kenny

Scene One, Take Two
Hollywood on an SSGN

by Petty Officer 1st Class Kimberly Clifford

How The Navy Learned To Build Submarines
by John J. Patrick

Admiral Donnelly Turns Over The Helm
by Olivia Logan