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The Junior Officers Of The Year
by Molly Little

Sea-Based Strategic Deterrent:
Replacing The Ohio-class

by Capt. Dave Kriete

2009 Ice Exercise: The Submarine Force In The Arctic

The Arctic, ICEX And U.S. Maritime Strategy

by Lt. j.g. Megan Isaac

Submariners Experience A New Frontier

by Lt. j.g. Megan Isaac

Postcards From The Arctic
by Jeff Gossett and Lt. j.g. Megan Isaac

Midshipmen Head Far North For Spring Break
by Robert Heiler

Ocean Forecasting Emerges As A New Discipline
With The Emphasis On ASW

by George Lammons

The Office Of Diving And Salvage
Supporting The Submarine Force

Interview with Capt. Patrick Keenan
by Molly Little

Q & A: Women Wearing Dolphins
Three women who are qualified share their unique stories
by Bethany Rohrer

The First ICEX: USS Nautilus (SSN-571)
by Jason Reagle