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I recently noticed that USS Miami (SSN-755) was missing from the list of “Special Recognition—Battle “E” winners in the Fall 2007 / Winter 2008 issue, p. 31 (Issue No. 36). Cmdr. Rich Bryant, showcased on the next page (p. 32), is the Commanding Officer.

Thanks for producing this high quality magazine.

Capt. Rick Breckenridge
Commander, Submarine Squadron-4

Thank you for contacting UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine and bringing this oversight to our attention. We apologize for not mentioning Miami and her great accomplishment. Our congratulations go out to her crew on a job very well done! We are proud to have you serving our country. Thank you for your support of UNDERSEA WARFARE magazine and congratulations again to Miami.

I recently looked at the on-line edition of your magazine, Vol. 1, No. 4 (Summer 1999). In the Downlink Department, I could not help but recognize the photo of the USS Puffer (SSN-652) ward room. I served in Puffer from March 1971 – September 1974. I would like to offer a correction to the short caption below the photograph. First, the photo was taken in January 1973, not 1974. The boat was in Subic Bay at the time of the photo, and in January 1974, we were halfway through a major overhaul at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Capt. John Will awarded me my silver dolphins and Capt. D.L. Cooper qualified me as chief of the watch and In-port Duty Chief. I had the honor of signing a section of Lt. j.g. E.P. Giambastiani’s, Lt. j.g. “Little Joe” Henry’s, and Ens. Ginman’s qual cards. Lt. J.B. Padgett was my division officer for about a year. I knew then that all of these men were brilliant submariners, but I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I was serving with five future admirals. I am very proud that I was a part of their lives and that they were a very influential part of mine.
God Bless the Submarine Force,
Jim Cannici,
Petty Officer 1st Class, USN (Ret.)


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