title of magazine: Rapid Strike: SSGNs bring New Mission Platforms and New Capabilities to the Fleet


SSGN: Deployed and Special Forces Ready
by Jason W. Cronin
The How and Why of Open Architecture
by Capt. Jim Stevens, USN
Managing Modernization
A Fleet-First Perspective
by Capt. Ken Perry, USN
q a: How Open Architecture Trainers Have Changed a Boat’s Inter-deployment Life with Command Master Chief Kurt Smith
by Lt. Cmdr. Brett Levander, USN
UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine 10th Anniversary
q a: The Push to Keep the Best and Brightest in the Submarine Force
by Molly Little
Junior Officers of the Year
The Submarine Force Honors its Top Junior OFficers
by Molly Little
Shadow Warriors
Submarine Special Operations in World War II
by Daniel T. Rean
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