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I found an article from UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine titled “The Bells Left Behind” by Col. Charles A. Jones, USMCR [UNDERSEA WARFARE, Winter 2001]. The article mentioned the bell from USS Argonaut (SS-166), now hanging in the Submarine Base Chapel in Pearl Harbor. When Argonaut was sunk, the commanding officer was my father, Lt. Cmdr. John R. Pierce. If you could please put me in contact with Col. Jones so I can tell him how much his article meant to me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
Capt. John T. Pierce, USN (Ret.)

UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine is pleased to say that we successfully put Mr. Pierce in contact with Col. Jones to further discuss the Argonaut, her bell and the late-Lt. Cmdr. Pierce. Here is an excerpt from Col. Jones’ reply:

“An honor to correspond to you and to have written the article. Thank you for your service to your country. I am sure you kept the spirit of Argonaut and your father alive.

After joining the United States Marine Corps Reserve in 1993, I had three trips to Oahu, which is where I first saw USS Wahoo’s (SS-238) bell at the USS Bowfin (SS-287) Museum.

So, it was by chance, after seeing Wahoo’s bell, that I saw the sign on wall of beside the old Submarine Base Chapel at Pearl Harbor. It mentioned that the Argonaut’s bell was in the belfry. Getting into that belfry was a nightmare and I must have taken a thousand slides of the bell since I knew I would never be getting up there again.”

Col. Charles A. Jones, USMCR

I am a former sailor and a historian and currently work at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum on their WWII submarine, USS Cobia (SS-245). I am writing because I am conducting research to improve the programs we offer and am looking for a complete as possible supply list for a Gato-class boat during WWII. Specifically, I am looking for a list that would include foodstuff, medical supplies, small arms, etc. Any information or suggestions on where else I might be able to obtain this information would be most welcome.
Thank you for your time,
Doug Moore
Wisconsin Maritime Museum

Mr. Moore,

Thank you for contacting UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine. Unfortunately, we do not have any of that information on hand but we would recommend contacting the Naval Historical Center. They are located in the Washington Navy Yard and their website is Our other recommendation would be contacting other WWII submarine memorials, such as the Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park, Buffalo, N.Y., home of USS Croaker (SSK-246), or Seawolf Park, Galveston, Texas, home of USS Cavalla (SS-244). Best of luck with your search!


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