title of magazine: Rapid Strike: SSGNs bring New Mission Platforms and New Capabilities to the Fleet


The Submarine Force Bids Farewell to NSA La Maddalena
by Molly Little
Board Basics from the Bureau of Personnel
by Lt. Cmdr. Tony Grayson
SSGN—Global Presence with Global Support
by Cmdr. Bill Lear
The SSGN Success Story: Concept to Capability in 39 Months
by Robert A. Hamilton
SSGN: From the Commanding Officers’ Perspectives
by Molly Little
The Challenges and Successes for the Crew of the new SSGN
USS Ohio (GOLD) Executive Officer Talks About the New Mission Platform

by Molly Little
From USS Barb to the Ohio-class - The Use of Missiles on Submarines
by Thomas Holian
Regulus on Surface Ships
by Norman Polmar
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