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The picture of USS Lamprey (SS-372) and the message from COMSUBLANT [UNDERSEA WARFARE, Winter 2007] immediately caught my attention because I was her communications officer at the time. I am curious as to how that message came to the notice of UNDERSEA WARFARE. I served on Lamprey from her commissioning until her decommissioning and there was never anyone named Jim Williams in the crew. Needless to say, its inclusion in the magazine stirred up a great many memories for me.

John D. Alden, Cmdr., USN (Ret.)

Cmdr. Alden,

Thank you for your interest in UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine. UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine received the USS Lamprey message from James (Jim) A. Williams, the son of Jack Williams.
Jack served aboard Lamprey during World War II and his initials appear on the message.
Jim and his mother came across the message and thought it would be of interest, particularly
to previous crewmen of Lamprey.

The article “China’s Undersea Sentries: Sea Mines Constitute Key Element of PLA Navy’s ASW” featured in the most recent issue of UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine [Winter 2007] is a very powerful and ever so timely article! All the dedicated officers and Sailors of our great Submarine Force need to read closely and reflect seriously on the major implications and direct relevance of this thought provoking article.

As a former commander of the Mine Warfare Command, I salute the Submarine Force’s great professionalism and openness in publishing such a powerful article — an article for stronger mine warfare attention and capabilities in our Navy! Keep up the direct front and center approach of your great magazine.

Chuck Horne, Rear Adm., U.S. Navy (Retired)
COMINEWARCOM (1979-1984)