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I am a member of the USS Sea Poacher (SS-406) organization. We are trying to locate or ascertain the status of this submarine which, in 1974, became a Peruvian submarine known as BAP La Pedrera (S-49). Our last information on the ship was in 1995 when she was in Callao, Peru and assigned as a cadet training ship. After that there is nothing ever said about her on the internet, and I have searched it extensively. I would greatly appreciate any information you might have on its status. Is it still afloat, scrapped, or possibly even sunk? Or if you have no information on it and know of someone who might, I would greatly appreciate your giving me any contact information. I am in contact with naval and defense attachés both in Washington, D.C. and Peru, various museums, and others that should know, but I have run into a brick wall.

Thank you so much.
Lanny Yeske, Ph.D.
Cmdr., U.S. Navy (Retired)

Dr. Yeske,

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any further information prior to going to press. We plan to keep your question in our files and do some more research. Please let us know if you find anything further and we will print it here to let our readers know. Good hunting!

Where can I find surplus genuine U.S. Navy submarine service boots for sale? A shoe repairman told me they were the best constructed footwear he ever worked on and suited to the purpose of standing endlessly on hard surfaces. Any help appreciated.

I. I. Butler

Mr. Butler,

Currently, the U.S. Navy does not issue submariners any specially designed footwear and the Naval Historical Center has no record of such a boot. U.S. submariners wear standard Navy shoes and steel-toed boots when appropriate. The Standard Submarine Organization and Regulations Manual does call for submarine sneakers. These are basic blue-canvas, white-soled boat shoes that are part of the boat’s gear locker and issued to personnel working topside, and are available commercially.


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