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image of Laura Bush with sailors and USS Texas


First Lady Laura Bush Welcomes USS Texas To The Fleet
by Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Barrie Barber, USN

Managing Your Future
Changing the Submarine Officer Career Path
by Capt. Mark Myers

Anti-Torpedo Defense:
Defeating A Ubiquitous Threat To Naval Superiority

by David Howard and Scott C. Truver, Ph.D.

A Submariner Brings His Expertise To Afghanistan
by Commander Naval Submarine Forces Public Affairs

The Naval Academy’s Path To The Submarine Community
by Midn. 1st Class Alexander Ludington, USNA

q amp;A: The U.S. Submarine Force
From the Perspective of Midshipmen
by Mike Smith

From The Fleet To The Yard
Prior Enlisted Sailors Bring Fleet Experience to the Naval Academy
by Seaman Recruit Matthew Ebarb, USN

Naval Implications Of China’s Rapidly Developing Nuclear Power Industry

by Master Chief Petty Officer Shawn Cappelano-Sarver (SS/AW), USN

The Birth Of Undersea Warfare – H.L. Hunley
by John Whipple


image of ship
image of soldier on duty in Afghanistan
image of H.L. Hunley discovery and recovery

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