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Letters to the Editor

In keeping with UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine’s charter as the Official Magazine of the U.S. Submarine Force, we welcome letters to the editor, questions relating to articles that have appeared in previous issues, and insights and “lessons learned” from the fleet.

UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine reserves the right to edit submissions for length, clarity, and accuracy. All submissions become the property of UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine and may be published in all media. Please include pertinent contact information with submissions

Send submissions to:
Military Editor
Undersea Warfare CNO N77
2000 Navy Pentagon
Washington, DC 20350-2000


Dear Editor

Your outstanding article “Sea Predator – A Vision for Tomorrow’s Autonomous Undersea Vehicles” [UNDERSEA WARFARE, Winter 2006] is both powerful and timely – joining together the submarine community and the mine warfare community as a great team for highly effective undersea warfare for the 21st Century!

I hope our great submarine Sailors make Sea Predator a winner for Sea Power 21 and that our submarine and mine warfare communities continue to work closely and effectively together.

Rear Adm. Chuck Horne, USN (Ret.)
Former COMINEWARCOM 1979-1984


Admiral Horne,

Thank you for your interest in UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine and for your kind words.

In today’s modern security environment, “jointness” is essential to the success of our Navy, our armed forces, and those of our allies. Sea Predator is just one of many examples of different warfare communities; not only in the Navy, but throughout the Department of Defense working together toward a common goal and it is through this cooperation that we can more easily achieve our objectives.

Dear Editor

I recall reading that there were two submarines – K-19 and K-219 – that went down in the 1970s and 1980s due to radiation problems. Were there any articles featured in UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine about either incident?

Thank you!
Allen Gaines

Mr. Gaines,

Thank you for your interest in UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine. We did, indeed, recently run an article on K-219 [“Loss of a Yankee SSBN” UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine, Fall 2005]. The article was authored by the former XO of K-219, Captain 1st Rank (Ret.) Igor Kurdin, and former UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine Military Editor, Lt. Cmdr. Wayne Grasdock.



Sailors First

Photo caption follows

Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) Terry Scott speaks to the crew of the Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine USS Key West (SSN-722). Key West had recently returned to her homeport of Naval Station Pearl Harbor from a Western Pacific deployment.