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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I enjoyed the article on periscopes in the Fall issue [“Eyes From the Deep,” UNDERSEA WARFARE, Fall 2004]. It was well written.

Two additional items if I may.
First, the Type 4 scope installed late in WWII, had a radar as well as more light–gathering power for night use. The radar solved the significant problem of range to the target in periscope depth attacks.
Secondly, shortly after WWII, the Submarine Conference in Washington, whose membership included many WWII submarine skippers, developed a list of desirable capabilities for periscopes – power train, variable height, monocular, binocular, still camera, movie camera, bearings in field of vision, and so forth. The Office of Naval Research awarded development contracts to Kollmorgen and Bausch and Lomb. The scopes were a thing of beauty with all the desired capabilities.  As I recall, at least one was installed in one of the new fast–attack boats. However, a problem was quickly recognized – the scope had very poor light transmission, even less than the Type 2.

Lesson to be learned: Look at the downside of any “improvement”.
Max C.Duncan
CAPT, USN (Ret.)

CAPT Duncan,

Thank you for your insightful feedback. We passed along your comments to the author of the periscope article and he enjoyed them as well, particularly your discussion of the post-WWII Submarine Conference. Your letter provided some interesting insight we don’t often receive. Again, thank you for your letter, it is truly appreciated.

Dear Editor,

I was visiting your Web site, and I think it is a great site. I am honored to have been on a submarine myself and I think all the Sailors who are on one now or have been on one are the best in the Navy. I salute them.

Lewis Groome

Dear Editor,

How can I get a subscription to UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine?

Kevin Loewe

EM2 Loewe,

Thank you for your interest in UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine. There are two ways to obtain a subscription.

1) Visit the Government Printing Office’s (GPO) web site at and entering “UNDERSEA WARFARE” in the search box.

2) Call GPO directly at 1-866-512-1800.

If you currently have a subscription and need to update your mailing address, call GPO directly at the number above.

Dear Editor,

It is timely that the Fall 2004 issue of UNDERSEA WARFARE is the first that I have seen since VADM “Big Al” Konetzni was Commodore of Squadron 16, when I was stationed aboard USS John C. Calhoun (SSBN-630) in Kings Bay, Georgia. VADM Konetzni was one of the finest leaders in the Submarine Force and the Navy, inspiring many future leaders and fine Sailors. He will be missed.

Brian A. Christiano
LT, USN (Ret.)

Dear Editor,

I have just finished reading RADM John P. Davis’s article on USS Jimmy Carter [“USS Jimmy Carter (SSN-23) Expanding Future SSN Missions,” UNDERSEA WARFARE, Fall 1999]. It was most informative. Again thanks for a very well–written article and I will look forward to using your Web site in the future for news on the Navy Submarine Fleet. By the way, I was a Sailor aboard the USS Proteus (AS-19) and have always felt that submarine Sailors deserve more credit for their work than they usually get.

How might a civilian obtain a photo and other material from the commissioning of the Jimmy Carter? Any information will be appreciated.

Larry Arnett

Dear Mr. Arnett,

Thank you for your interest and taking the time to write. Many high-resolution photos of Jimmy Carter’s
commissioning are posted on COMSUBGRU-2’s Web site at Many other photos of submarines, ships, Sailors, and operations, are posted on the Navy NewsStand Web site. You can view these photos by visiting






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