Pearl Harbor Submarine Diver Training Tower

Photo explained in articleBuilt in 1932, the 100-foot tall Pearl Harbor Submarine Diver Training Tower was used for over 50 years to instruct Sailors in submarine escape techniques.

Essentially the tower was a vertical tube filled with water and used to simulate a Sailor’s ascent from a disabled submarine. Sailors would don the Steinke Hood in an airlock beneath the water-filled chamber, a flood valve would be opened and the chamber would fill with water until the pressure equaled the pressure at the bottom of the chamber. Once the Sailors exited the airlock chamber, the buoyant air pressure in their Steinke hoods allowed them to slowly rise to the surface.

In 1983, the tower was drained and converted into a crow’s nest conference room by RADM Jack Darby. The room atop the tower is called “The House that Jack Built.”

Cover of Undersea Warfare Magazine Winter 2005