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USS Toledo Visits Kingdom of Bahrain

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(above) Crewmembers assigned to the Los Angeles-class attack submarine, USS Toledo, scan for contacts after leaving port in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
(below) MMF Ricky Andes mans the helm as he steers the Toledo through the shallow waters of the Arabian Gulf, while the Diving Officer of the Watch, TMSC Eric Mathley and the planesman, ET3 Michael Wheeler, look on.


USS Toledo (SSN-769), an element of the USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67) Carrier Strike Group (CSG), recently completed a 10-day port visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain. In addition to allowing some much-needed shore leave, the ship seized that opportunity to perform a mid-deployment upkeep.

Additionally, Toledo completed a month-long Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX) with the Kennedy CSG. COMPTUEX is a multiphase, intermediate-level training exercise, designed to forge ships in Kennedy CSG into a cohesive fighting team. In phase one, the strike group learned to operate together against individual surface, air, and sub-surface threats. During phase two, the strike group exercised against simultaneous, multiple threats.

Toledo is currently on a scheduled deployment in support of the sovereign Iraqi government.

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