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Presence with a Purpose U.S. Subs Prove Vital to the Navy's Fleet Response Plan
Surge Protectors
Submarines Prove Vital to the Navy’s Fleet Response Plan

by JOC(SW/AW) David Rush, JOC(SW/AW) Mark Piggott,
and JO3 Steven Feller, USN

In the face of decreasing resources and growing global responsibilities, Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) ADM Vern Clark instituted the Fleet Response Plan (FRP) in 2003 to increase the Navy’s effectiveness in maintaining presence with purpose and projecting power from the sea. more >>

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Submarine Force Says Goodbye to Big Al, The Sailor’s Pal

by JOC Michael Foutch, USN

For 38 years, there was the voice. Sometimes booming, sometimes almost whispering, cajoling the person on the other end of the conversation to see things his way. The voice was a unique, passionate advocate for submarine programs, and the Sailors that took submarines to sea.
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Simulator Brings Realistic Training to Sailors

by JO1 Jennifer Spinner, USN

Trident Training Facility (TTF) Kings Bay unveiled the newest jewel in its training crown on 25 August – the Interactive Display Equipment (IDE) training simulator. TTF is the first facility to receive a Fleet IDE, which replicates the Maneuvering Room aboard a USS Ohio (SSBN-726)-class submarine. more >>

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NUWC: Not Just Another “Reorg”

by CAPT John Mickey, USN

As an organization, NUWC can be proud of its heritage. Variously known as the Naval Torpedo Station, the Naval Underwater Sound Laboratory, the Naval Underwater Research and Engineering Station (NURES), the Naval Underwater Systems Center (NUSC), and most recently, the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, NUWC has steadily evolved its portfolio of activities in undersea technology to become “the Navy’s full-spectrum research, development, test and evaluation, engineering, and fleet support center for submarines, autonomous underwater systems, and offensive and defensive weapon systems associated with undersea warfare.”
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The Submarine Reserve
Dynamic Partners with the U.S. Fleet

by LT Patrick R. Mallett, USNR

As we move toward the CNO’s directive to operate as “One Navy,” many communities like the Submarine Reserve have noted that they have actually been building a solid working relationship between the active and reserve components for quite some time. Nonetheless, the current world situation has made imperative a cultural shift from being a Naval Reserve to the “Navy’s Reserve”. more >>

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PCU North Carolina Crew Stands Up and Takes Charge

by JOSA Andrew Zask, USN

The fourth Virginia-class submarine, Pre-Commissioning Unit (PCU) North Carolina (SSN-777) has begun the process of becoming an active Navy vessel. On 30 June, the first group of North Carolina’s crew reported for duty and started learning every aspect of the Virginia-class. more >>

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World’s First Nuclear-Powered Submarine Celebrates 50 Years

by JOC Michael Foutch, USN

Today, nuclear-powered submarines patrol the globe, navigate under the polar icecap, and operate underwater for weeks on intelligence-gathering, reconnaissance, and covert strike missions. While powering ships at sea by splitting the atom will never be entirely “routine,” at least it no longer inspires excited headlines and admiring gasps from an incredulous public. more >>

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Eyes From the Deep
A History of U.S. Navy Submarine Periscopes

by Thomas Holian

Mention the word “submarine” to anyone, and a host of images will spring to mind. The sleek, low, black silhouette pier-side or sliding through the ocean. The drama of an “emergency blow” as the boat broaches the surface in a volcanic eruption of water. And of course, the sinister image of the tip of a periscope feathering the surface, hinting at what lies lurking below. And inside? more >>

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USS Portsmouth Deactivates After 21 Years of Service

by JO1 Andrea Leahy, USN

The 21-year career of the Los Angeles-class submarine USS Portsmouth (SSN-707) came to an end this summer, as the attack submarine traveled to Virginia to deactivate. Portsmouth left San Diego in late summer on route to the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, where the crew held a decommissioning ceremony in September. more >>

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The Other Frigate Bird

by Edward C. Whitman

The dictionary describes the frigate bird – sometimes called the man’o’war bird – as “any of several rapacious totipalmate sea birds of the genus Fregata, noted for their powers of flight.” Indeed with a wingspan up to 90 inches and the male’s ability to inflate his bright-red pouch during courtship in a spectacular display, the frigate bird is a unique animal. Equally unique was a nuclear test of that same name conducted near Christmas Island in the Pacific during May 1962. Even now, the Frigate Bird test remains the only end-to-end system test of a strategic nuclear missile – from launch to detonation – ever carried out by either side during the Cold War. more >>

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