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6th Annual Undersea Warfare Photo Contest Winners

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U.S. Foreign Navies Practice Submarine Rescue, Foster Cooperation and Improve Interoperability

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Traveling the Artic Region, U.S. Submarines Find Adventure, New Challenges, and New Friends

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Enhances Stability and Increases Interoperability in the Pacific Rim

Those in Peril - the S-5 Incident

Bringing Science to Life
Teaching Science Using Submarine Technology and the ex-USS Narwhal (SSN-671)

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Undersea Warfare 2003 CHINFO Merit Award

Naval Submarine League 6th Annual Undersea Warfare Photo Contest Winners

From scuba divers rescuing an American flag blown off a submarine facing heavy winds, to the wistfulness of a little girl as she watches her daddy’s submarine leave port, the photos that were submitted to the 6th Annual Undersea Warfare Photo Contest revealed glimpses of a Submarine Force that is proud, professional, and most of all, busy. More than ever, submariners are being called upon to do more with less, and they are succeeding time and time again. Among the photos we received were images of submarines underway, submariners in training, and the civilians young and old who support our force in so many different ways. From the routine task of re-supplying the ship with butter and other necessities, to the pomp and circumstance of a formal change of command, these photos are as diverse as the Submarine Force itself.

This contest co-sponsored by the Naval Submarine League (NSL), each year and the winning entries were honored at the annual NSL Symposium held in Washington, DC in June. The winners were also awarded cash prizes up to $500! Another perk for submitting a winning entry is that they are published here in UNDERSEA WARFARE. To tie next year’s contest even more closely to the NSL Symposium, we have decided to accelerate our deadlines to make sure that copies of our summer 2005 issue will be available at next year’s events. Submissions will be accepted from now until 6 May so it’s not too early to start shooting photos today! See our website for complete details.

A sincere thank you goes out to everyone who submitted to photos for this year’s contest. The pictures printed here include both our winning entries and others that were considered some of the best we received.

First Place

1st Place Photo captio below

The bridge team of USS Pittsburgh (SSN-720) is pictured here on a transit into Bahrain in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Photo by STMC (SS/DV) Jeff Rowe


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