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Photo of Man wearing breathing mask

Snapshot of Success
by LCDR Tom Monroe, USN, and CMDCM Dave Lynch, USN, with the assistance of JO2 Mary Popejoy, USN

It’s 1830 and two Sailors in distinctive red shirts arrive at a rack in berthing to deliver a special wake-up call. One slowly pulls back the curtain and says, “Petty Officer Quarles, you need to get up. It’s time for your SNAPSHOT board.” more>>

Photo of submarine

Sea Shield: VADM Donald Addresses
Pivotal Seapower 21 Concept

by JOC(SW/AW) Mark O. Piggott, USN

VADM Kirkland H. Donald, Commander Naval Submarine Forces (CNSF), recently addressed the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) 2003 Joint Undersea Warfare Technical Conference in Groton, Connecticut. He spoke about the current status of the Submarine Force and what lies ahead for submariners in conjunction with the Chief of Naval Operations “Sea Power 21” concept for the Navy. more>>

Photo of Soldier

Sand-Crab Submariners
Three Sub Sailors Volunteer for Shore Duty – in Iraq

by JOC Michael Foutch, USN

The gritty, sandy soil of Iraq, far from any ocean, is an unlikely place to find a trio of submarine Sailors.
And yet these three undersea warriors have joined the Coalition Military Assistance Training Team (CMATT) in that war-weary nation in a daunting mission. more>>

Photo of Sailors doing maintenance

“Old Ironsides” – The History of USS Constitution Teaches New Chiefs About Navy Traditions
by JOC(SW/AW) Mark O. Piggott, USN

Honor, Courage, Commitment… This is the code of a United States Navy Sailor. It has been a part of our heritage since the Navy was founded in 1775. Yesterday and today come alive everyday for Sailors onboard USS Constitution, the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world.
Recently, “Old Ironsides” played host to over 300 chief selectees from Navy ships, submarines, shore commands, aviation squadrons, and reserve units around the world. This is the seventh year that Constitution has hosted the event, giving the new chiefs vital training and lessons in naval history.

Photo of China submarine and vehicle

From Humble Origins
China’s Submarine Force Comes of Age

by Lyle Goldstein and Bill Murray

The maritime balance of power in the East Asian littoral is undergoing slow, but steady change in Beijing’s favor. Numerous indicators, including the imminent sea-trials of the first of China’s 2nd-generation nuclear submarines, the first serial production of its indigenous Song-class diesel boats, and the ongoing purchase from Russia of eight “Kilo”-class diesel submarines, all confirm PRC progress in undersea warfare across a broad front. more>>

Photo of Equipment

Submarine Force Technology:
Building a better way of life for the future

by JOC Michael Foutch

Equipped with the most advanced weaponry and surveillance capabilities in the history of naval warfare, the Submarine Force patrols the world’s oceans to defend our nation and preserve the American way of life. But the same technical advances now propelling the undersea force into the future may also have significant potential for making that way of life even better for us all. more>>

Photo of diver in cage

A Little-Known Lab Makes A Big Impact!
by Dr Jerry Lamb and Joe DiRenzo III

The new emphasis on world-wide asymmetric threats, with submarines operating more frequently within the littoral, has created the demand for new ways to address longstanding health and safety issues in today’s Submarine Force. Leading the way in examining these concerns is a little known research facility located at SUBASE New London – the Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory (NSMRL). more>>

Illustration of sailor

The Submarine Technology of Jules Verne
by Edward C. Whitman

As an inspiration to the submarine pioneers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, no other literary figure loomed as large as Jules Verne, the “father of science-fiction” and the author in 1870 of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. American submarine inventor Simon Lake, for example, credited his life-long interest in undersea exploration to having read Verne’s novel as a boy – and in 1898, he was thrilled to receive a telegram of congratulations from the author himself when his own Argonaut completed its first substantial ocean-going voyage. more>>

Photo Battle E Pin  2003 Battle "E" Winners