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Undersea Warfare 2002 CHINFO Merit Award
Photo CDR, Commanding Officer of USS Toledo holding son

Submarine Warriors Return from Operation Iraqi Freedom
Compiled by the UNDERSEA WARFARE Staff from reports by JOC(SW/AW) David Rush, JO1(SW/AW) Mark Savage, SUBLANT Public Affairs, and Naval Submarine Base New London Public Affairs

Although several of the U.S. submarines that struck Iraq deployed on short notice specifically in response to the developing contingency in the Middle East, most were already at sea on previously-scheduled deployments. In some instances, these boats had to reposition themselves rapidly into missile range and extend their time away from home by as much as three months. More >>

Sonar technicians onboard USS O'Bannon

SIFOREX Tests U.S. ASW Capabilities Against Multiple Type-209 Diesel Subs
by LTJG Ligia Cohen, USN

These stealthy platforms and the expertise of the Peruvian submariners provided a rare training opportunity for U.S. Navy forces to engage multiple diesel-electric submarines as part of an exercise. ASW training against conventionally-powered submarines is normally conducted in the U.S. Navy with computer simulations at stateside trainers. More>>

Photo displaying cramped interior of the X-Craft.

"The Trade"
by CDR Jeffrey Tall, OBE RN. Photos courtesy of the
Royal Navy Submarine Museum

Of all branches of men in the Forces there is none which shows more devotion and faces grimmer perils than the submarines… Great deeds are done in the air and on the land, but there is no part to be compared with your exploits. More>>

Royal Navy Submarine Museum: Preserving a Notable Collection of Artifacts and War Stories
Story and photos by Edward C. Whitman

Located on the historic Gosport waterfront across Portsmouth Harbor from the celebrated Royal Dockyard and Nelson’s HMS Victory, the RN Submarine Museum lies adjacent to the former HMS Dolphin, home of the Royal Navy Submarine Service for 100 years. More>>

Photo John Holland

John Holland - Father of the Modern Submarine
by Edward C. Whitman

Now recognized as “the father of the modern submarine,” Irish-American inventor John Philip Holland (1841-1914) rose from relative obscurity as a New Jersey parochial school teacher to become the best-known and most influential submarine pioneer of the early 20th century. First interested in undersea craft as early as the 1860s, Holland systematically evolved a series of increasingly successful designs that by 1899 had reached the form that would determine the basic configuration of submarines worldwide for the next 50 years. More>>

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Photo of family. 1st Place Photo by Ethan Macnow
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