It is a great pleasure for me to sign out the inaugural issue of UNDERSEA WARFARE, the official magazine of the United States Submarine Force. We launch this new publication in a time of great change for the world, the country, and our Navy. Major events shaping our world, such as the fall of the former Soviet Union, the emergence of new nation states, and the electronics revolution, are driving changes across a broad spectrum of social and technological areas, and at a higher rate than past generations had to deal with. Major changes in technological capability and operational concepts have changed the overall complexion of the submarine force. In the last decade, the Submarine Force has shifted its focus from blue water anti-submarine warfare and collecting intelligence primarily against one major adversary, to designing new systems and submarines to fight closer to shore in the world’s littorals, and to collecting intelligence against a much larger number of independent states. Moreover, we are no longer a “Silent Service” when it comes to communicating with other Navy, Joint, and coalition forces.

This rapid rate of change demands better communications among all members of our integrated undersea warfare community, and I am confident that UNDERSEA WARFARE will fill a great part of that need. Our goal in launching this publication is to get the word out on submarine and undersea warfare programs and operations, as well as to highlight the accomplishments of the outstanding people who man our ships, staffs, systems commands, laboratories, and support organizations. While our principal audience will be the undersea warfare community, the magazine will also help educate people in other branches of the Navy, members of our sister services, and civilian policy makers about the crucial role submarines play in our nation’s defense.

What’s in a name? Early on in the development of this magazine we decided on the name UNDERSEA WARFARE, because we seek input from the diverse undersea warfare community, a group including submariners, the Integrated Undersea Surveillance community, Special Operations Forces, and a wide range of academic institutions, laboratories, systems centers, and other organizations working together to improve our ability to operate effectively in a challenging medium. We have received great support from many of these organizations in putting together the inaugural issue, and we look forward to their continued contribution. Equally, we want to hear from everyone in our reading audience. Share your thoughts and ideas. If you were involved in the development or test of a new piece of equipment or operational concept, send us your insights. This is your publication.

Among the features we intend to publish each quarter is one that I am personally excited about, and that is the history of the Submarine Force. The tremendous capability of our force today is not based exclusively on the development of nuclear propulsion or the electronics revolution. Certainly they are important. However, the lessons learned in the construction and operation of the USS Holland (SS-1) and every submarine since then, have contributed to the development of a culture that has defined the U.S. Submarine Force for almost a century. Our history has provided us with doctrine, tactics, unique methods of training, and even special methods of operating our ships. There is great value in reviewing our past, understanding where we came from and how submarine traditions can be merged with today’s technologies to produce a Submarine Force which continues to be second to none.

UNDERSEA WARFARE will be distributed to all U.S. Navy ships and stations, as well as a range of civilian organizations and individuals. Requests for additional distribution and feedback on our efforts are always welcome. The most efficient way to communicate is by e-mail to the Magazine’s Military Editor, LCDR Kevin Mooney, at: We look forward to feedback from our readers, so UNDERSEA WARFARE can evolve to best serve the fleet.

Again, I welcome you to what I hope will become one of the Navy’s best and most useful publications. For almost 100 years now, the Submarine Force and the undersea warfare community have contributed significantly to the defense of our country. I am excited by the prospect of giving their accomplishments greater visibility through the pages of UNDERSEA WARFARE.




Malcolm Fages
Rear Admiral U.S. Navy

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