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Mission, Vision & Guiding Principles


The Submarine Force provides the National Command Authority, Theater Commanders and Joint Force Commanders with:
  • Cost-effective operations resulting from self-sufficiency, covertness, low vulnerability to prosecution by an opponent's forces.
  • Early, accurate and sufficient knowledge of pre-crisis situations as well as the battlefield on which power may be projected from the sea.
  • Covert and timely strike power against critical targets at sea and ashore.
  • Capabilities to prepare the battle space and enable the establishment and support of the expeditionary force on land.
  • The naval superiority to defeat enemy forces, control sea lines of communication and dominate the undersea battle space
Photo of TOMAHAWK Launch

Photo of USS Hampton pulling into port Vision

The U.S. Submarine Force will remain the world's preeminent submarine force. We will aggressively incorporate new and innovative technologies to maintain dominance throughout the maritime battle space We will promote the multiple capabilities of submarines and develop tactics to support national objectives through battle space preparation sea control, supporting the land battle and strategic deterrence. We will fill the role as the Navy's stealthy, general purpose warship.

Guiding Principles

As we conduct our daily business we will be guided by the following principles:

  • People, and their safety, are most important.
  • Training is necessary for our safety and readiness.
  • Quality and daily improvement are a way of life.
  • Value tradition, but encourage new ideas.
  • Protect the environment wherever we go.
  • Think about those we serve whenever we make decisions.
  • Are good neighbors in the community where we work and live.
  • Take pride in team work.
  • Encourage open communications.
  • Believe in equal opportunity.
Photo inside the FIDE