Enlisted Women in Submarines: Integration Plan

The EWSTF, led by Rear Admiral Randy B. Crites and made up of male and female members across ranks and service backgrounds, developed a deliberate plan to ensure success of both the enlisted women joining the submarine force and the crews receiving them.
  • The plan consists of integrating SSBN/SSGN OHIO Class submarines that are already integrated with female officers
  • Modifications will be made to these ships during previously scheduled availabilities. The modifications will be made to CPO berthing and the aft crews head to ensure the toilet/shower to person ratio remains equitable for males and females.
  • OHIO class crew berthing is broken up into 9-man bunkrooms. 27 E6 and below enlisted women will make up the female cohort, utilizing three of the bunkrooms. There will be 3 bunks in CPO quarters dedicated to female CPOs.
  • Women will make up roughly 20% of the crew and will be distributed throughout all divisions and rankings