Commander, Submarine Group Two


CSG 2 Sortied Boats Plan Return to Port Following Hurricane Irene

Rear Adm. Rick Breckenridge, Commander, Submarine Group (CSG) 2 recorded a video message on pier six of Naval Submarine Base New London to discuss the current conditions after Hurricane Irene in Groton, Conn., and the expected return of the sortied Los Angeles-class attack submarines Aug. 29.

"We are past the brunt of the storm and as typical of hearty New England fashion we faced the challenge and rose to the occasion," said Breckenridge. "I'm proud of the team here in Groton responding to this calling."

The group conducted a sortie of the four Los Angeles-class attack submarines last week to allow them to reach deep water where they could safely submerge and remain prior to the onset of destructive winds and heavy seas.

"In advance of Hurricane Irene we went ahead and sortied all of the submarines in Groton down the Thames River and out to safer waters. Starting tomorrow, we will bring those ships back, and return three to port," said Breckenridge.

Breckenridge also discussed the efforts required by all to conduct the sortie successfully.

"I want to commend the efforts here in Groton, Conn., just a herculean task of getting four submarines, that were in the middle of maintenance periods, out to sea as professionally as was executed was just eye-watering," said Breckenridge. "I'm really proud to join the waterfront team here in Groton."

Breckenridge assumed command of CSG 2 Aug. 26 during a change of command ceremony at the Shepherd of the Sea Chapel.

Breckenridge also discussed the damage incurred to the local area around the submarine base.

"We had a lot of damage out in town; a lot of power lines and trees down. About 90 percent of the area is out of power," said Breckenridge. "Once again, the team here mobilized to make sure all of our families recovered. We were able to do some immediate repairs to trees that were on houses to mitigate the damage to take care of our own for our deployed submarines and those who sortied."

Prior to Hurricane Irene's arrival, Naval Submarine Base New London leadership and the emergency management team prepared for the pending storm by undertaking many infrastructure actions, including placing 22,000 sandbags at designated facilities and along the waterfront; securing small craft and barges; and arranging for loose and outdoor material around the base to be secured.

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