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New London Silent Services Spouse Associations Raising Awareness for Annual Dolphin Scholarship Foundation

GROTON, Conn. (NNS) -- Naval Submarine Base New London based commands are joining forces to raise awareness for the annual Silent Service Charities Auction benefiting the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation in Groton on Jan. 27.

Submarine commands stationed throughout the world raise funds annually to support the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation which provides nearly 130 scholarships totaling $3,400 a year for a four-year college enrollment.

The Submarine Officers' Spouses' Association (SOSA) in conjunction with the Southern New England Chiefs' Spouses Association (SNECSA) is spearheading efforts at their kick-off event to raise awareness and funds for the foundation that provides scholarships to children of submariners.

The Dolphin Scholarship Foundation was founded more than 40 years ago to provide financial assistance for college education to the sons and daughters of members of the submarine service.

Gold Chair representative for the 2012 Silent Services Charity Auction, Kristen Patton, reflects on the importance of the scholarship.

"Children of submariners have many unique challenges to overcome, and any support that can be provided to them is of great benefit," said Patton.

Rachel Albers, Silver Chair representative of the 2012 Silent Service Charities Auction, has been involved with volunteer opportunities on board Naval Submarine Base New London and feels it is necessary to recognize the sacrifices of submariner families.

"Not only are we giving an opportunity to the children of submariners, but we are also providing a portion of what we raise to local charities," said Albers.

Last year, the Silent Service Charities Auction donated nearly $1,000 to several local charities and hopes to surpass that amount this year.

"Local charities and the community support the Naval Submarine Base and its' families. So in return, we want to take every opportunity to give back and recognize them for their continued support," said Patton.

Patton and Albers, along with the volunteers and committee members who help organize the charity auction, said they are looking forward to another successful event in support of the local charities and the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation.