Commander, Submarine Group Two

Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Spencer Liebel shows his tour group the topside
deck of USS Providence (SSN 719) during a tour of the boat for submarine
veterans and their families. (U.S. Navy photograph by Lt. j.g. Jeff Prunera/

SUBASE New London Celebrates 48th Anniversary Celebration of the SUBVETs

GROTON, Conn. (NNS) -- More than 350 submarine veterans returned to Naval Submarine Base New London for the 48th Anniversary Celebration in Groton, May 3 - 5.

John Carcioppolo, Groton SUBVETS base commander and the members of the SUBVETS Anniversary Committee organized the annual reunion highlighted with a return to Naval Submarine School; a tour of Naval Submarine Base New London, a submarine tour and other associated events to celebrate history and heritage of the Submarine Force and the SUBVETS Organization.

The SUBVETS Anniversary Celebration allows SUBVETS to remember, but also have fun. People are traveling from various parts of the country to be here. They will share in each other's company, and also return to their roots here in Groton," said Carcioppolo.

He added that they will also gain a better awareness of our future submarine force, as well as providing the students currently attending Naval Submarine School an opportunity to experience their heritage.

"The SUBVETS Organization was formed for two reasons. The primary reason was to remember all U.S. submariners who made the ultimate sacrifice. The second reason was so that all submariners, regardless of whether they served before, during or after Word War II, could share camaraderie together," said Carcioppolo.

Rear Adm. Rick Breckenridge, Commander, Submarine Group 2 echoed that sentiment when he spoke at the 48th Annual Grand Banquet on May 5 and emphasized the key role SUBVETs play in remembering the lessons of the past.

"Submarine veterans stand behind today's undersea warrior and give him the strength of 48 years of experience and expertise; 48 years of blood, sweat and tears," said Breckenridge. "This strength is embodied in the dolphins, which we wear, the submarine traditions we keep, and is carried across the globe on our ongoing mission to ensure each night remains quiet."

Breckenridge reflected on the important role SUBVETs play as keepers of the history and traditions of the submarine force while discussing their role in guiding the force of the future.

"I ask you, as SUBVETS and the Submarine Force as we look forward into the future, to help us adapt these values to the future of the Undersea Force," said Breckenridge. "SUBVETS have an illustrious 48-year history as the caretakers of those great values which the Submarine Force has always prided itself on."