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SOSA and SNECSA Raises Funds to Support the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation

GROTON, Conn. (NNS) -- The Submarine Officers' Spouses' Association (SOSA) and Southern New England Chiefs' Spouses Association (SNECSA) raised $33,000 from this year's annual Silent Service Charities Auction benefiting the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation.

This year's auction, held in March, sets a record for money raised in Groton for the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation, said Gold Chair representative for the 2012 Silent Services Charity Auction, Kristen Patton.

The money directly supports the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation. It was founded more than 40 years ago to provide financial assistance for college education to the sons and daughters of members of the submarine service.

Patton was pleased with this year's efforts to provide assistance to college-aged children. "The Dolphin Scholarship is all about building our next generation and our support today will provide dividends in the future for families of the Submarine Force," said Patton.

Submarine commands stationed throughout the world raise funds annually to support the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation which provides nearly 130 scholarships totaling $3,400 a year for a four-year college enrollment.

As in previous years, the Silent Service Charities Auction has donated funds to support several local charities. This year, the auction will benefit three local charities in New London.

"Another goal for the Silent Services Auction is to give back to our local community in New London and this year because of the generation donations by the Submarine Force we will be able to support three charities," said Patton.

The three charity organizations will receive a portion of the money raised. The charities that will receive a donation are Animal Welfare Federation of Connecticut, Fisher House, and the Ronald McDonald House.

"Through the support of the Submarine Force in New London we have been presented an opportunity to give back and recognize them for their continued support," said Patton.