Commander, Submarine Group Two

Navy Submarine Torpedo Facility
Yorktown, Va.

Commanding Officer - Cmdr. Eric Mason

Executive Officer - Lt. Cmdr. Michael Works

Command Master Chief - YNCM(SS) Timothy Baisley

“We build the world’s BEST torpedoes for the world’s BEST Submarine Force”

History:  The Navy Submarine Torpedo Facility builds the most sophisticated undersea weapons in the world, the MK 48 heavyweight torpedo.  The facility has expert engine-builders, electronics technicians, ordnance handlers, facility maintenance personnel and test equipment technicians.  The crew consists of Sailors, Civil Service and Contractors.  In 2002, the Torpedo Training Center was added to the Yorktown complex and is charged with training all new arrivals in torpedo production.  The Yorktown facility is unique in the way it conducts ordnance production operations.  The MK 48 exercise torpedo variant is reusable.  The weapon is assembled, shipped to the Fleet, shot on range, then brought back to Yorktown to be completely torn down and rebuilt again.  The process is the equivalent of owning a new Corvette, driving to the supermarket, then rebuilding the entire engine and body upon the return home.  

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