Commander, Submarine Group Two

CSG Two Meets with U.S. Naval Academy Sailing Squadron during their Port Call in Stonington
Commander, Submarine Group Two welcomed the visiting United States Naval Academy Offshore Sail Training Squadron during their brief stay in Stonington, June 24-27. 
Rear Adm. Michael McLaughlin thanked the sponsoring families for hosting the visiting midshipmen.
“I would like to thank the families for sponsoring the midshipmen during their visit to Stonington. Your generosity enables them to learn more about the New England area,” said McLaughlin.
Prior to arriving in Stonington, the squadron traversed a 300-nautical mile sail from Annapolis, Md., aboard four Navy 44 ft sailboats crewed by midshipmen. The Stonington Harbor Yacht Club and local Groton families hosted the midshipmen during their three-day visit.
Charles Hatton, Commodore of Stonington Harbor Yacht Club welcomed the visiting midshipmen and explained the historical significance of the area.
“This is an area steeped in all sort of naval tradition; it is the birthplace of Nathaniel Fanning,” said Hatton.  Hatton added that Fanning was born in Stonington in May 1755, and served in the Continental Navy and later the U.S. Navy.
The visiting midshipmen were also hosted by local families who were able to learn more about the U.S. Naval Academy and the Off Shore Sail Training program.
“It was a wonderful opportunity to get to know these young men and women who will become future naval officers,” said Jane Hildreth, who sponsored two midshipmen. “My husband and I learned a lot about the U.S. Navy and look forward to sponsoring again next year.”
The United States Naval Academy Offshore Sail Training Squadron (OSTS) departed the Stonington area on June 27 for their return sail to Annapolis.
The OSTS is a summer training option for midshipmen that expose them to seamanship and navigation, life on the sea, and small-unit leadership. Third-class midshipmen (beginning their second year at the academy) have the opportunity to be crew members, while first-class and second-class midshipmen serve as skippers or executive officers.
The Naval Academy provides a four-year undergraduate education for 4400 midshipmen.  Upon graduation, midshipmen receive a commission either as an ensign in the U.S. Navy or a second lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps, where they serve at least five years as leaders of Sailors and Marines.
For more information about the United States Naval Academy you can visit the Academy website at www.usna.edu.