Commander, Submarine Group Two


Chief Selectees Hit the Road during Chief Induction Season

GROTON, Conn. - More than 150 chief petty officers and chief selectees stationed at Naval Submarine Base New London participated in a command formation run, Aug. 10.

In conjunction with chief induction season, the 2-mile formation run, throughout the base, is just one part of the pivotal component incorporated in the making of a chief petty officer.

Command Master Chief Wesley Koshoffer, Submarine Group 2 discussed the importance of physical fitness not just during chief induction season, but year around.

"We certainly want to promote physical fitness and ensure that our Chief selectee's are fit and ready to lead when they enter the Mess, but it goes far beyond that," said Koshoffer.

Koshoffer added that Chief selectees coordinate the morning physical training sessions.

"Our morning PT sessions are an incredible opportunity to teach leadership, organization, teamwork and communication. Our Chief selectees are challenged by the Mess to develop and execute the physical training sessions with a high degree of efficiency and motivation," said Koshoffer.

Three times a week, chief selectees and the New London Chief's Mess participate in a physical training session. Monday and Wednesday are circuit training using NOFFS exercises as the core and Fridays are reserved for formation runs around the Base. 

During the six-week induction season in Groton, selectees will also participate in mentoring sessions and learn about the new responsibilities they will assume during their official ceremony known as a "pinning".

Chief Information Systems Technician Submarines (SS/SW) Paul R. Pugh who participated in the 2012 chief induction season reflected on the cherished wisdom he has learned over the past year.

"The selectees this year, like every year, are learning they are part of the U.S. Navy's worldwide Chief's Mess," said Pugh. "They will also come to know if they ever need assistance, they can look to the Chief's Mess for the answer."

Pugh added that by participating in this year's induction season he can pass on his mentorship to the new selectees. "Being involved with this year's induction season is extremely rewarding both to self and selectee," said Pugh.