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Commander Trident Refit Facility Kings Bay

Captain Gunter I. Braun
Commanding Officer, Trident Refit Facility Kings Bay GA

Captain Braun enlisted in the U. S. Navy on September 5, 1979. Following completion of the enlisted nuclear power training pipeline he served on the USS NIMITZ (CVN 68), as a staff instructor at the SIC prototype, and on the USS CARL VINSON (CVN 70).
On April 1, 1990 he accepted appointment as Ensign in the Limited Duty Officer Program. After completion of LDO/CWO Indoctrination School, ENS Braun reported to the USS ARKANSAS (CGN 41) where he was qualified as Engineering Officer of the Watch, Officer of the Deck (underway) and Surface Warfare Officer.

His next assignment was at the Naval Submarine Base, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii where he held various division officer positions including Electrical, Nuclear Repair, and Assistant Radiological Controls Officer. From 1998-2002 he was stationed on the USS John C. STENNIS (CVN 74) as the Reactor Mechanical Assistant (RMA). While there he took the Reactor Department through two Planned Incremental Availabilities with Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and led the department through four Operational Reactor Safeguards Examinations.

LCDR Braun next reported to the Nuclear Submarine Support Facility, New London, CT as the COMSUBLANT Selective Restrictive Availability Coordinator. He was the onsite COMSUBLANT representative for both public and private shipyard extended shipyard availabilities.
In July 2005 Commander Braun reported to the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility as the Production Management Assistant and Project Superintendent for fleet submarine maintenance.

In 2008 CDR Braun reported as the 11th Chief Engineer onboard the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN-71). While serving as CHENG, he was instrumental in keeping the ship’s habitability systems fully operational through a nine month overseas deployment and took the ship through the dry-dock portion of the Refueling Complex Overhaul.

His last duty assignment was as the NAVSEA Shipyard Representative for Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Captain Braun holds a Masters in Business Administration with specialization in Management.