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Commander, Submarine Group Ten (COMSUBGRU 10) is the senior commander at the Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, GA, complex and was commissioned on 1 January 1989. COMSUBGRU 10 supports Commander Submarine Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet by carrying out all assigned tasks, conducting operations, providing administrative and logistic support, maintaining high standards of material and personnel readiness, striving for increased efficiency, economy and endeavoring to improve SSBN tactics and techniques. 

Submarine Group Ten is our nation's preeminent provider of sea-based strategic deterrence, strike and unique SSGN special operations capabilities.


  • To fully support Submarine Group Ten's vision; each and every organization must strive to ensure all our submarine crews are ready for any assigned mission, from putting ordnance on target to acting as the nation's primary deterrent to demonstrating to any potential aggressor the strength and fortitude of the submarine force, the navy and our Nation. 
  • Operate safely, ensuring watchstanders are fully trained and properly assigned so that safe navigation, effective contact management and proper risk management are the norm and specifically that no collisions or groundings occur. 
  • Set and meet high standards, driven by leaders that understand how to critically self assess and use the results of their assessment to lead their ships to improvement. 
  • Develop, train and mentor crew members so that our beliefs are not only as good as us, but better.

USS Maryland

USS Florida arrives in Crete