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USS Rhode Island (SSBN 740)
In Spe Pacis Perennis
"In Hope of Everlasting Peace"



Ohio Class Ballistic Missile Submarine: Laid down, 15 September 1988 by the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics Corp., Groton, CT; Launched, 17 July 1993; Commissioned, USS Rhode Island (SSBN-740), 9 July 1994; In commission, homeported at Kings Bay, GA.

The dark blue and gold are the colors traditionally associated with the U.S. Navy and symbolize the sea and excellence. The Red is emblematic of valor and action. The anchor and circle of thirteen stars are adapted from the Rhode Island state flag highlighting the maritime heritage of the state for which the submarine is named.

The two sections of the shield allude to the two previous USS RHODE ISLANDs. Dark blue, the Union color during the Civil War, honors the first USS RHODE ISLAND; white refers to the second ship of that name, which was part of the "Great White Fleet" in 1907. The crossed swords symbolize strength, cooperation and teamwork.

The trident symbolizes Naval weaponry, both past and present, and sea prowess. Its bottom spike points to the ocean depth, USS RHODE ISLAND's area of operation. The compass rose highlights the four major directions and represents navigation and worldwide capabilities. The lightning flashes underscore quick response and electronic capabilities while their circular configuration alludes to the globe and the scope of the U.S. Navy's mission.

 Facts and Figures

Builders: Electric Boat Division, General Dynamics Corp., Groton, Ct.
Powerplant: One nuclear reactor, one shaft
Length: 560 feet (109.73 meters) Beam: 42 feet Displacement: Approx. 18,750 tons (17,010 metric tons)
Submerged Speed: 20+ knots (23+ MPH; 36,8+ KPH)
Crew: 13 officers, 121 enlisted Armament: 24 Missile tubes, 4 Torpedo tubes

 Rhode Island Blue Leadership

CDR Nirav PatelCommanding Officer
LCDR Adam KahnkeExecutive Officer
Master Chief Rashaad ElliottChief Of The Boat

 Rhode Island Gold Leadership

Commanding Officer
Executive Officer
Chief Of The Boat

 Reporting Aboard

Congratulations on your orders to USS RHODE ISLAND!

Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay is the east coast homeport for the Ohio-class fleet ballistic and guided missile submarines and the only naval base in the Atlantic fleet capable of supporting the Trident II (D-5) missile. Established in 1978, the base is home to Submarine Group 10, Submarine Squadrons 16 and 20, Trident Training Facility, Trident Refit Facility, Strategic Weapons Facility Atlantic, and other support-providing commands.

All new check-ins must initially report to Naval Submarine Support Center (NSSC) in accordance with official PCS orders. NSSC is located in the Pre-Deployment Training Building (PDTB), Building 1059. PDTB is also home to Submarine Squadrons 16 and 20, all off-crew offices for units home ported in Kings Bay (to include the USS RHODE ISLAND Off-Crew Office) and other various support commands.

Driving Directions
To Pre-Deployment Training Building from Jacksonville International Airport: Exit the airport onto Airport Road. Turn left to merge onto I-95 N toward Savannah. Take exit 1 toward St Mary’s Rd. Turn right onto St Mary’s Rd and proceed east towards the base. To best ensure you have the best driving directions, consult with Google Maps or another mapping web site for specific directions to the PDTB, Building 1059. 

Note: Ensure to report in the appropriate uniform for the season with a regulation haircut. Bring all records, orders, endorsements, travel-related receipts, new address, etc. After hours, please make sure you leave a good contact number (i.e. cell phone/relative/friend), in case we need to reach you prior to the next work day. SUBGRU 10 employs a 24-hour Watch Officer that can be contacted by calling (912) 674-2247.

Mailing Address
Commanding Officer
(Attn:  Your Name/Rate
FPO AA 34092-2135

Important Phone Numbers

(DSN Prefix - 573)


(912) 573-4271

USS RHODE ISLAND Command Duty Officer            

(912) 674-8698

Naval Submarine Support Center (NSSC)

(912) 573-2333

Housing Referral Office

(912) 573-2056

Navy Gateway Inn & Suites

(912) 573-4871/4971

Fleet & Family Support Center (FFSC)         

(912) 573-4512

Personnel Support Detachment (PSD)

(912) 573-3988


(912) 573-4242

COMSUBGRU 10 Command Duty Officer

(912) 674-2247

Useful Websites  
Fleet and Family Readiness for Kings Bay Area
Information on Military Housing
Information on Childcare
Various subject dealing with relocation
Navy Exchange Information
Military Installation Overview



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