PEO C4I is...

The U.S. Navy’s premier organization for the development, acquisition and sustainment of C4I capability.

PEO C4I provides the fleet with the most effective and affordable naval information warfare capabilities necessary for warfighters to accomplish their missions. Efforts support not only Sailors, but also joint and coalition partners and platforms. The PEO has three overarching goals as part of its strategic plan:

  •  Increase warfighting readiness through the improved development, testing, deployment, sustainment of and training on C4I capabilities
  •  Improve our speed to capability by innovatively applying technology and processes
  • Optimize performance and create an organization that realizes the greatest impact on accomplishing our mission


Develop, acquire, deploy and sustain the most effective and affordable Naval Information Warfare capabilities our warfighters need to accomplish their missions
Integrated Information Warfare for the 21st Century
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