CNO Discusses Navy Information Dominance at SPAWAR Change of Command held August 7th

RADM Brady departs SPAWAR after four
great years - fair winds and following seas sir.

CNO Greenert addresses the change of
command audience as incoming SPAWAR
Commander RADM Lewis and Honorable
Sean Stackley, ASN/RDA, look on

RADM Lewis relieves RADM Brady as
Commander, Space and Naval Warfare
Systems Command.


RADM Lewis reports to CNO Greenert
his assumption of command at SPAWAR.

RADM Lewis addresses SPAWAR
for the first time as Commander.


Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert
Chief of Naval Operations (CNO)

1). "SPAWAR is the technical agent for information dominance, we know that. It is also the technical agent for a new era in Navy and naval warfare," said Greenert. "Control of the information is going to be the key to the future. Until we put a pod on the Growlers, with all the electronics working to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum, they're just aircraft flying around burning fuel. Our future survival at sea rests on your shoulders, on everyone here in this room. You are the information dominance systems command and the technical agent providing and sustaining the fleet capabilities through the entire spectrum."

2). "We got the F-35 coming around the corner.  We got the P-8 coming in.  The Ohio replacement will be coming.  But none of it'll work if we don't have the information systems right and we can't dominate information."

3). "So our future survival at sea rests a lot on your shoulders out there in this room (SPAWAR), but also within the sound of my voice, if you will.  You are the information dominant systems command and the technical agent providing and sustaining the fleet capabilities through the entire spectrum."

4). "Just like we have sub-safe.  Some of my former shipmates.  You know submarine safety.  You have to be able to keep the water out of the people tank.  We need cyber-safe equipment out there."

The Honorable Sean J. Stackley
Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research,
Development & Acquisition (ASNRDA)

1). "Your job (SPAWAR) is to provide secure, reliable, timely communications, information in support of the fleet 24/7, 365 from the ocean floor to the arctic cap to every corner of the globe, to the far reach, to the most remote sailor or marine in the Hindu Kush."

2). "Technology is changing ever so rapidly and the threat is keeping pace with that change in technology.  And our job is to stay ahead of that threat."

3). "And perhaps most importantly, it has required leadership.  The leadership that ensures absolute alignment between the fleet, the sponsor and the scientists and engineers and acquisition professionals here at SPAWAR in setting requirements, developing the systems, meeting the schedule demands and the budget pressures, answering to the fleet in order to ultimately meet the CNO's priorities." Release


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