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SPAWAR has posted an updated three-year acquisition forecast to its public web portal entitled "SPAWAR 3 Year Acquisition Forecast (05-2014)" below. This forecast includes opportunities for SPAWAR Headquarters, SPAWAR System Centers Atlantic and Pacific.  The forecast is informational only and does not constitute an offer or commitment by the Navy to fund, in whole or part, the opportunities herein. Vendors shall not contact any contracting or technical personnel regarding this information and all inquires shall be submitted via email to


The Small Business program is a dynamic advocacy that provides training, advice and guidance to ensure quality solutions for Navy and Marine Corps acquisitions and maximizes contracting opportunities to small businesses. 

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SPAWAR Headquarters  (San  Diego)

Phone: (619) 524-7701
Fax: (619) 221-5521


Faye Esaias

Director, Small Business Program

Robert “Zack” Zaccaria

Deputy for Small Business

Mark McLain
Deputy for Small Business

Aubrey Lavitoria

Deputy for Small Business


SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific

Dean Dickau

Deputy for Small Business
Phone: (619) 553-4327

SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic: Charleston

Robin Rourk 

Deputy for Small Business
Phone: (843) 218-5115
DSN: 588-5115
Fax: (843) 218-5912

Timothy Wiand 

Deputy for Small Business
Phone: (843) 218-5167
DSN: 588-5167
Fax: (843) 218-5912


SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic: New Orleans

Ida Lirette 

Deputy for Small Business
Commercial Phone: (504) 697-5599




Visit our website to view current and future business opportunities: Select “Business Opportunities” from the left side of the main menu, and then choose among the three SPAWAR buying locations (Headquarters, SSC Atlantic, SSC Pacific). The below choices are available to you.

  • Market Survey & Future Opportunity:

    View “Sources Sought Notices”, “Pre-solicitation Notices”, “Request for Information”, or “Draft Solicitations”. Sources Sought Notices are requests for capability statements in order to determine the level of competition available. Results from these notices are frequently used to determine the possibility for an 8(a) set-aside or small business set-aside.

  • Open Solicitations:

    View current solicitations including the statement of work. You may also “View Prospective Bidders List for this solicitation” to locate teaming partners or points of contact for subcontracting possibilities.

  • Simplified Acquisition (SAP) (SSC Charleston and SSC San Diego ONLY):

    View supply or service acquisitions with an anticipated dollar value between $3,000 and $150,000. These purchases are normally reserved for small business concerns.

  • Closed Solicitations:

    View solicitations that have closed and are currently under “Evaluation.”

  • Active Contracts:

    View contracts that have been awarded.

  • Subscription Services:

    You may choose to anonymously browse our website. However, we also offer you the opportunity to subscribe by specific solicitation number to receive e-notice of changes/amendments to existing solicitations. You may also subscribe by Federal Supply Class (i.e., FSC or CBD Code) to receive e-notice of new SPAWAR requirements meeting the selected FSC. NOTE: The Government makes no guarantee of e-mail notification. Best practice would be to visit the site frequently.

  • “User Registration Profile”:

    Registered users may ask questions on-line and submit electronic proposals on-line. On-line proposals are protected by 128-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption and may be viewed only by the Contract Specialist, Contracting Officer, and Author.


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