SPAWAR flag officers and senior leadership are listed in aphabetical order below for your reference. You may further access the most recent biographies of all Department of the Navy senior leaders and flag officers or civilian senior executives (SES)

 Ailes, John, Rear Admiral: Deputy Commander, Fleet Readiness Directorate
   Axford, Roy, Doctor: Senior Technologist, Wireless Communications, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific
 Chebi, Carl, Rear Admiral: PEO C4I and PEO Space Systems
  Bonitz, Gisele M., Captain: Commanding Officer, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific
 Brown, Martin: Director, Logistics and Fleet Support
Click here to view  Bulsara, Adi, Doctor: Senior Research Scientist for Nonlinear Dynamics, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific
 Duncan, Terry: Deputy PEO Space Systems
 Dunn, Stephen: Comptroller
  Fritzemeier, Ronald, Rear Admiral: Chief Engineer
 Gavin, Victor: PEO Enterprise Information Systems
 Gunderson, Nancy: Director of Contracts
Heller, Scott, Captain: Commanding Officer, SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic
 Kan, Joe, Captain: Communications Satellite Program Office 
 Keeney, Carmela: Executive Director, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific
 Kesler, Kimberly: Chief Information Officer / Corporate Operations
 Lewis, David H., Rear Admiral: SPAWAR Commander
 Madsen, Craig: Acquisition and Program Management National Competency Lead
 Marsh, Brian: Communications and Networks Department Head, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific
Miller, Christopher: Executive Director, SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic
Click here to view   Pickering, Jeffrey, Master Chief Petty Officer (AW/SW): Command Master Chief  
 Click here to view   Pope III, John: Executive Director, PEO C4I
 Bonitz, Gisele M., Captain: Commanding Officer, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific
 Rudesill, Mark, Captain: Commander, SPAWAR Space Field Activity
 Russell, Stephen, Doctor: Director, Science and Technology, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific
   Shaffer, Gregory: Director, Head, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Information Operations (ISR/IO) Department
 Slaughter, Ken: Director, Washington Liaison Office  
 Spencer, Mike: Deputy Chief Engineer
 Sullivan, Pat: SPAWAR Executive Director
 Weisman, Amy: Director Office of Counsel
 Wolborsky, Robert: Executive Director Fleet Readiness 
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