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As the Navy’s Information Dominance systems command and technical lead for C4ISR, SPAWAR (pronounced spā-wôr) provides the hardware and software to connect our warfighters at sea, on land and in the air. We support the full lifecycle of product and service delivery from the initial research and development, to acquisition and deployment, to operations and logistics support.

SPAWAR is one of three major Department of Navy acquisition commands.  While other systems commands focus on tangible platforms, information is SPAWAR’s platform. Our products and services transform ships, aircraft and vehicles from individual platforms into integrated battle forces, delivering and enhancing information dominance and awareness among Navy, Marine, joint forces, federal agencies and international allies.

SPAWAR is organized into eight competencies: finance, contracts, legal, logistics and fleet support, engineering, acquisition and program management, science and technology and corporate operations. Read more about our competencies.  (More)

SPAWAR provides support to three Navy Program Executive Offices (PEOs). The program offices within these PEOs work to minimize cost while rapidly delivering products to warfighters.

SPAWAR’s affiliated PEOs are:

  • PEO Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (PEO C4I)
  • PEO Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS)
  • PEO Space Systems

Strategic Plan
 Click here to view the 2012-2016 SPAWAR Strategic Plan

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Information Brochure
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